Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi everyone, thanks again for reading Floppy Ears! Whomever you are ^^. You are always welcome to say hi, to me on  my facebook or twitter! Your suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated ^^ I also notice the number of readers from last year and this years has been up a little ^^ which is a good news for me he heh
Just an updates:
currently I'm working on the book layout and my business card. i have very crappy business card that i printed out from my printer ...and it's bad... what made me want to change my card is because last time when i was at a convention i have to exchange my business card to a professional and when i compared mine and the other person i feel like i am such "unprofessional"! my card is very limp and small =_=
anyways. right now in a process of's been a week but i still feel not what do you think of my new business card? the front part i like, but i cant decide which should be the back part? opt 1,2 or 3?

as far as for my book... i hope it will be done before September ^^

thanks for reading.

front part of the new business card





  1. Hey, Kiki

    I like the front of your business card very much. I think, however, you should eliminate "for more information visit our website." Just having the website link is enough and it would make the whole thing a lot less crowded.

    As far as the back, no need to repeat the website (since you have it on the front). I would re-consider your fonts, because they do not seem to flow with your cartoon theme (Copperplate and TimesNew Roman? - not creative like the rest of your card!). Try to write your name in the same style as the lettering on the front of your card (stalk your first name on top of last name to fit) and have the rest in sans-serif.

    Color vise, the pink back goes well with yellow front and it echoes the color in "superpowers." I would go with that one. You might have to crop the sample comic more because it takes up too much space right now.

    I hope I didn't overwhelm you and good luck! P.S. This is what I do during my internship lol


  2. Thanks Sha. but i already print out the business card last week's too late now haha.. but i'll keep that in mind for next time when my card is run out.